The Queue Conqueror: How AI Optimized Checkout Lines

Que optimization with AI

We’ve all been there – you’ve finished shopping, only to be met with a dreadfully long queue at the checkout. It’s a scenario that plagues retailers worldwide. Having the right number of cashiers is a delicate balance between minimizing customer wait times and managing operational costs. For major supermarkets, this optimization is handled by dedicated … Read more

The problem with tokenization


One of the crucial preprocessing steps for large language models (LLMs) is tokenization. Via tokenization we are converting the input text into tokens and reconstructing the output tokens back into text. The most common approach is to treat tokens as subword units. We apply this approach because using words directly would limit the vocabulary to … Read more

The Power of Transparent AI Models

Transparent AI

As artificial intelligence rapidly advances, the development of increasingly complex models has become a reality. However, with this newfound complexity comes a pressing need for transparency. Transparent AI models not only demystify these intricate systems but alleviate fears. At the same time they also to pave the way for more robust and responsible model development. … Read more